Press: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Bosses Tease How Show Moves on After Shock Character Death

Warning: Contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 8 ‘No One’s Gone’

In the shocking events of mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Madison (Kim Dickens) bravely sacrificed herself at the stadium to ensure everyone else could escape.

Our heroes lost their leader, with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) being the only remaining character to have been in the show since the start.

Could another character step in as the series’ lead to fill this Madison-shaped hole? The first episode, ‘People Like Us’, suggested that Morgan (Lennie James) was set to become the focus of the second half of the season.

With the show returning last night (August 12), showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Syfy Wire that there would be no replacement for Madison. The second half of season 4 will instead focus on how the stadium group cope after losing their leader and abandoning their quest for vengeance.

Chambliss said: “The back half of this season has all of our characters asking themselves… ‘What do we do to move forward? Who are we to each other? How can we come back from all these really dark things we did?’

“We really view this as an ensemble show, and we’re going to be telling stories throughout the back half of the season that will focus on different characters grappling with those existential questions in different ways.

“It’s really going to be finding all these characters who, at the end of the midseason finale, were sitting around a campfire, seemingly together, really asking themselves what is it that holds them together now that they’ve put revenge behind them, now that they no longer have Madison as the leader of the stadium.”

Madison’s exit has been just as difficult for cast members as it has been for viewers. Colman Domingo, who plays Strand, recently spoke about how it felt to be one of the few remaining actors to have been with the show since season 1 after Madison and Nick (Frank Dillane) were written out.

“I mean, just imagine losing two of your core in one season, and we found out right before we started,” he said. “You’re losing someone that you’re used to working with all the time, and that you enjoy working with so much.

“But you also understand the nature of it, and understand the storytelling. It’s a lot of things to process, because you also have to process new people coming in at the same time…

“I’ll be very honest with you, the first couple months in our season, we were all doing a balancing act, trying to figure it all out together. It required intense amounts of grace, and patience, and frustration, and being honest about your feelings.”

Source: Digital Spy